Osaka Kansai reopens and set to run full schedule on Friday

posted on 17th September 2018 by Justin Burns
Osaka Kansai reopens and set to run full schedule on Friday

Osaka’s Kansai International Airport reopened its runway on Friday (14 September) after a closure of 10 days due to flooding from powerful Typhoon Jebi.

The Japanese gateway is now only open to a limited number of flights but is expected to resume full operations on Friday, 21 September.

Kansai is situated on a manmade island in Osaka Bay and started about 40 domestic and 80 international services, around 30 per cent of operations.

The airport said it will continue steadily increasing flights, restoring traffic to around 50 per cent of normal by Thursday (20 September).

The typhoon passed through western Japan on 4 September bringing storm tides that flooded one of the airport’s two runways and the No. 1 terminal building used by most airlines and where 400 flights a day are serviced.

Singapore Airlines is among the airlines effected and has started some Osaka to Singapore services from yesterday. However, some flight frequencies are still cancelled incuding SQ618, SQ619, SQ622 and SQ623.

The carrier said it will be mounting additional flights to and from Nagoya in view of the operational limitation of the Kansai airport.

On Friday, All Nippon Airways (ANA) restarted operating 40 domestic flights and 32 international flights from 14-17 September.

ANA has been operating non-scheduled flights to/from Itami, Kobe and Narita Airports since 6 September. During the period of September 14 through 17, ANA will be operating a total of 24 non-scheduled domestic flights to/from Itami airport.

Kansai is the country’s third largest airport and main gateway to the Kansai region. Terminal 2 has remained open during the typhoon as it did not suffer any substantial damage.