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Shell Aviation and SkyNRG supply sustainable aviation fuel at SFO

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Shell Aviation and SkyNRG have commenced the supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to international airlines KLM, SAS and Finnair at San Francisco Airport (SFO).

The fuel is produced by World Energy – the only SAF refinery across the globe. The initial phase aims to pave the way for longer term, more resilient supply chains for SAF and reduce the carbon emissions of flights from SFO and other airports.

Shell Aviation is the first major fuel supplier to support SFO in its goal to expand the use of sustainable aviation fuel in its operations.

The SAF sourced by SkyNRG from World Energy’s Paramount refinery in Los Angeles is made from used cooking oil, developing a fuel that has significantly lower lifecycle carbon emissions than conventional jet fuel.

The SAF is supplied through the existing SFO refuelling infrastructure and can be used by airlines without requiring technical modification to their current fleets.

Shell Aviation vice president, Anne Anderson said: “The Aviation industry faces a formidable challenge; how to grow safely and responsibly given the expected doubling of passenger numbers by 2037. At Shell Aviation we are proud to be leading the response.

“The supply of SAF to San Francisco airport brings together all parts of the sustainable aviation fuel value chain and embodies the spirit of collaboration that is essential to delivering a low carbon future for the industry.”

“With our focus on achieving zero net energy, carbon neutrality and zero waste, we are setting bold goals for our airport, and our industry,” said SFO airport director, Ivar C. Satero.

“Shell Aviation, World Energy, SkyNRG, KLM, SAS and Finnair have partnered to take an important first step towards this goal. We thank this entire team for leading the way in reducing carbon emissions in air transportation and at SFO.” he added.

KLM director of fuel supply & risk management, Jurriaan de Jonge said: “In the transition towards a sustainable aviation industry it is the partnerships and cooperation that make a difference.

“KLM, SkyNRG and World Energy have been doing that successfully for years at LAX. We look forward to seeing the developments at SFO and supporting Shell and SkyNRG in their efforts.”