BA boss Cruz criticises long border control queues at Heathrow

posted on 6th August 2018 by Justin Burns
BA boss Cruz criticises long border control queues at Heathrow

British Airways boss Alex Cruz has criticised the long queues at Heathrow Airport which he says are far worse than other hubs around the globe as some passengers are having to wait as much as two hours to clear border control.

In a letter to the Times newspaper, in response to proposals for “UK-only” lines after Brexit, he said the airport has now “reached crisis point” and the government’s plan for British passport queues was diverting attention when more should be done to reduce the massive delays.

Cruz said: “Two-hour queues are fast becoming the norm for those visiting from outside the European Economic Area. Even EEA citizens wait almost an hour. This is unacceptable.

“Queues are significantly worse than at many other major world airports. What kind of message does this send, as we try to build links outside the EU?”

Cruz said that the target of 25 minutes for EEA nationals and 45 minutes for people outside that region was missed 8,928 times last year, and has already been reached 6,000 times in 2018.

The BBC reports the Home Office said that from January to June 2018, more than 95 per cent of people arriving at Heathrow passed border control within the agreed time limits.