Ryanair flights disrupted across Germany and France

posted on 7th August 2018 by Justin Burns
Ryanair flights disrupted across Germany and France

Ryanair’s flight schedule continues to be affected by air traffic control (ATC) strikes across Europe and this morning it said nine per cent of its flights were delayed due to staff shortages across Germany and France.

The Irish low-cost carrier said on Twitter: “German and French ATC staff shortages have caused delays to 41 (9%) of our 443 first wave of flight departures this morning.

“We sincerely regret these injustified delays and are doing our utmost to limit their impact on fligjts throughout the rest of today. Customers on impacted flights have been notified by SMS text and email.”

Ryanair is also facing a 5th strike on Friday (10 August) in Ireland when its Irish-based pilots are set to go on strike as it adds to one taking place the same day in Sweden, and Belgium and strikes in Germany and the Netherlands.