Utair B737 comes off the runway at Sochi injuring 18 passengers

posted on 3rd September 2018 by Justin Burns
Utair B737 comes off the runway at Sochi injuring 18 passengers

A Utair Boeing 737-800 has been seriously damaged after suffering a runway excursion on Saturday (1 September) after landing at Adler/Sochi Airport in Russia injuring 18 passengers.

The aircraft departed Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport at 00:32h (local time) on a domestic flight to Sochi but the weather at Sochi was poor due to a thunderstorm in the area.

The airline said the wing and landing gears were destroyed and the left engine caught fire. The airport continued operations and the fire was extinguished within eight minutes and all 164 passengers and six crew were evacuated within 17 minutes.

The aircraft crashed through a fence and came to rest on a dry and rocky surface in a river bed. 18 passengers were injured in the accident.

The Aviation Safety Network said the aircraft descended for an approach to runway 06. At 02:25h flight 579 did not turn onto runway heading but instead climbed to 7000 feet and repositioned for a new approach to runway 06.

This approach was aborted close to the runway threshold, at 02:45 hours local time and a go around was executed. The aircraft circled for another approach and touched down at 02:57. It was unable to stop on the remaining runway and overran.

An investigation has been launched.