AAPA supports ICAO Council stand on Ukraine

posted on 10th March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
AAPA supports ICAO Council stand on Ukraine

The Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) is gravely concerned about the conflict and developing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

AAPA fully supports the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Council’s position on the issue of violation of the territorial integrity and airspace of Ukraine, which is inconsistent with the Chicago Convention and severely impinges on the safe conduct of civil aviation.

AAPA airlines are taking precautions to avoid the conflict zones as recommended by international aeronautical authorities, as safety is the top consideration.

The uncertainty and re-routings caused by the conflict are expected to have a broader effect on overall traveller sentiment, while higher fuel prices will result in higher costs for an industry that is still reeling from the pandemic.

AAPA Director General, Mr. Subhas Menon said: “Since 1945, civil aviation has served to promote global cooperation, peace and friendship.

“This is much cherished by the global community, even as we recall with sadness the downing of flight MH17 and tragic loss of innocent lives over Ukraine in 2014 as a result of military conflict in the region.

“We must not allow such a disaster to happen again. Indeed, we cannot take the safety of civil aviation for granted and urge all stakeholders to work closely together to ensure the safety of airline operations in and around conflict zones.”