Abraham Foss appointed new CEO of Avinor

posted on 2nd December 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Abraham Foss appointed new CEO of Avinor

The former telecom top replaces the current CEO who is retiring.

“Foss has a broad understanding of society and business and experience of leading large organizations with infrastructural critical tasks. It has been a thorough recruitment process with many good internal and external candidates. The board is very pleased that Foss has accepted the position,” says chairman of the board, Anne Carine Tanum.

Abraham Foss has a long career in the telecom industry. He has been CEO of Telia Norway and has held several top management positions in Telenor.

“I look forward to working with many talented employees in Avinor. Avinor is important for the development of local communities, regions and the country. A sustainable aviation system is a key part of Norwegian transport. I have always been interested in the interaction between and development of people, processes and technology. It will be high on the agenda. Avinor is an exciting company, with a clear mission and a clear position,” says Foss.

He points out that the entire industry is in a very demanding period.
“The work that has been done in Avinor in recent years, means that the group has a solid platform to build on. I look forward to getting to know the company, the aviation industry and not least the many partners of Avinor,” says Abraham Foss.

Will lead the restructuring process further

Avinor is in a major restructuring process as a result of a loss of revenue. “Foss has worked a lot with restructuring work and strategic management. He has extensive experience in building good internal culture, and has digital competence and experience from operations. The board therefore believes that he is well equipped to lead the company further,” Tanum concludes.

Foss will take up the position on February 15th. He has been given the same conditions as Dag Falk-Petersen, which indicates a fixed salary of 2.8 million NOK, and a total compensation of approx. 4 million NOK (including pension costs).

Falk-Petersen retires in June. From February to June, he will be available to the board.