AeroGuard Flight Training Center Expands Into Florida, Opening New Punta Gorda Flight School

posted on 14th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
AeroGuard Flight Training Center Expands Into Florida, Opening New Punta Gorda Flight School

AeroGuard Flight Training Center, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, have announced the opening of its 5th campus, located at the Punta Gorda Airport in Charlotte County, Florida. For AeroGuard, this marks its first campus on the East Coast with other locations in Riverside, CA, Austin, TX, Chandler, AZ and Phoenix, AZ.

The industry projections show that over 790,000 new pilots will be needed over the next 20 years, putting AeroGuard students on a path toward one of the most in-demand careers in the world.

Regarded as one of the premier flight schools in the nation, AeroGuard FTC offers career-focused accelerated pilot training curriculum for cadets looking to jumpstart their careers as commercial airline pilots, no experience required.

The carefully optimized curriculum taught at AeroGuard’s various locations, including the newly implemented Punta Gorda Flight School, can help students launch their careers at a regional airline in about 2 years from starting the program.     

From AeroGuard CEO Joel Davidson, “The launch of our new flight school at the Punta Gorda Airport in Charlotte County, Florida, is an exciting moment for AeroGuard Flight Training Center. To date, AeroGuard has been rooted in the Southwest of the country, where we have campuses across Arizona, California and Texas. Now, the success of these campuses has put us in a position where we can confidently expand to Florida and the East Coast.

“High-quality, safe, career-track flight training has the potential to change lives. Our new campus in Punta Gorda gives us an incredible opportunity to reach new cadets, helping them to create their own bright futures, while we work hard to meet the rising global demand for highly trained pilots.”

AeroGuard’s premier Pilot Pathway Program is offered in partnership with SkyWest Airlines to provide students with a direct path from flight school to employment as a commercial airline pilot.

The training center offers an all-inclusive tuition model and reimbursement packages with SkyWest Airlines. With its accelerated curriculum, high safety standards and student support programs, AeroGuard has become a top option for individuals looking to begin a career in aviation.