Aeromedic secures three-year easyJet medical kit contract

AMETEK MRO AEM, a leading provider of aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), has secured a 3-year agreement to provide total refurbishment services for easyJet’s first aid kits (FAKs) and supplementary medical kits (SMKs) for its fleet of A320 family aircraft.

The Company’s specialist Aeromedic division will bring its experience and knowledge of the CAA/EASA regulatory approvals to guide on kit contents. Aeromedic’s ability to share best practices for kit management is supported by its track record of delivering a streamlined professional service to airlines worldwide.

The work will be carried out at AEM’s Luton facility where Aeromedic’s capability to track the expiry date and batch number of every individual component in every kit is controlled through bespoke kit processing software.

This level of accuracy enables Aeromedic to recall any product at any time, as needed, across 65,000 parts contained within easyJet’s first aid kits. Annually it is estimated that there will be refurbishment requirements for circa 1,100 FAKs and 2,000 SMKs.

If a kit is opened on board an aircraft and its contents consumed, it will then make its way back to Aeromedic on the scheduled weekly delivery/collection shuttle for replenishment before its release back to service.

Recycling is very important and all items with sufficient shelf-life remain in the kits as they are repacked.

Steven Rowley, Engineering Director of AEM commented, “Aeromedic’s success in securing the easyJet contract is a testament to our commitment to outstanding product delivery and service.

“This achievement reinforces Aeromedic’s position as industry leaders in this highly regulated product category. We are proud to support easyJet’s continued focus on passenger safety aboard their aircraft.