AGS Airports Introduces Series of Health Measures for Passengers and Staff

posted on 18th June 2020 by Eddie Saunders
AGS Airports Introduces Series of Health Measures for Passengers and Staff

AGS Airports, which owns and manages Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, has introduced a series of health measures to provide a safe environment for staff and passengers. The measures are being introduced as a number of airlines prepare to relaunch key domestic routes later this month.

Passengers travelling through the airports will be asked to come prepared with their own facial coverings whilst all staff will be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks. Protective screens have been installed in key areas, including the check-in and security halls, and passengers will be asked to observe safe, physical distancing wherever possible.

AGS has also enhanced its already thorough cleaning regimes with a specific focus on the regular disinfecting of all hard surfaces. Other additional health measures include:

  • The use of electrostatic fogging machines which disinfect surfaces within two minutes.
  • Passenger touchpoints, including security trays, are being treated with an antimicrobial product which kills germs and lasts for up to 30 days on surfaces. It has been tested to be more than 99.99% effective against COVID-19. 
  • Self-cleaning stations for trollies have been set-up in baggage halls.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed throughout the terminals.
  • Floor markers are in place across the terminals to help passengers physically distance where it is possible to do so.
  • Staff have received training on how to protect customers and colleagues against COVID-19.
  • Clear signage is in place advising of the measures.

Crucially, anyone who is displaying Coronavirus symptoms is being asked not to travel to the airports. Derek Provan, chief executive of AGS Airports, said: “Our airports have remained open throughout this pandemic to provide crucial lifeline services. During this time, we’ve worked closely with both the UK and Scottish governments, and their officials, to ensure we follow all health guidance.

As the lockdown begins to ease and airlines start to confirm plans to restart domestic connectivity, it’s important we do everything we possibly can to keep our airports clean and safe for our staff and for our passengers. These measures, which are in place at all three of our airports, will ensure we help each other to travel safely through our terminals at a time when we are working to get our country and the economy moving again.”

Current and planned routes at Aberdeen International Airport this month

DestinationAirlineRe-start date
London HeathrowBritish AirwaysCurrently operating
AmsterdamKLMCurrently operating
Orkney & ShetlandLoganairCurrently operating
ManchesterLoganairCurrently operating
NorwichLoganairCurrently operating
HumbersideEastern AirwaysCurrently operating
BergenWideroeCurrently operating
StavangerWideroeCurrently operating
Birmingham LoganairCurrently operating
NewcastleLoganairCurrently operating
BristolLoganair8th June
StavangerScandinavian Airlines8th June
Southampton (via Newcastle)Loganair15th June
TeesideEastern Airlines22nd June
NewcastleEastern Airlines22nd June

Current and planned routes at Glasgow Airport this month

DestinationAirlineRe-start date
London HeathrowBritish AirwaysCurrently operating
DublinRyanairCurrently operating
Highlands & IslandsLoganairCurrently operating
AmsterdamKLMCurrently operating
Belfast InternationaleasyJet15th June
London GatwickeasyJet15th June
SouthamptonLoganair15th June