Air Canada passenger opens cabin door and falls out of plane before takeoff

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On Monday an Air Canada passenger flying from Toronto Pearson International Airport opened a cabin door and fell to the tarmac before takeoff, injuring himself and causing delays.

The aircraft, a Boeing 777, was preparing for takeoff and headed to Dubai when the incident took place. Emergency services and the authorities were called to scene.

Air Canada has confirmed that during the boarding of flight AC056, a passenger “who had boarded the aircraft normally” opened a cabin door on the opposite side of the aircraft, instead of going to their seat while the aircraft was at the gate.

The flight departed nearly six hours late, according to the airline’s website.

In a statement, an Air Canada spokesperson said: “We can confirm all of our approved boarding and cabin operating procedures were followed.”

Local police also confirmed they received a call for the incident around at around 21:00 on Monday evening.

They said: “Through investigation, it was determined that the individual was in a state of crisis when this incident occurred and suffered relatively minor injuries from falling onto the tarmac.”

The man was apprehended by officers and was brought to a local hospital to receive necessary treatment.

Air Canada said it is continuing to investigate the incident. It is the second time this month a passenger’s unusual behaviour has delayed one of the airline’s flights.

On 3 January, Air Canada diverted a flight after a 16-year-old passenger assaulted a family member, police said.

Image credit: Studio Porto Sabbia/AdobeStock