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Air France ground staff sign new pay deal

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Air France signed a new agreement on Friday (11 January) for 2019 with the trade unions CFDT, CFE-CGC, FO and UNSA aérien Air France representing its ground handling staff.

The carrier said the agreement signed with unions representing ground staff “reinforces the new kind of social dialogue implemented within Air France since last September”.

Air France said the agreement provides for individual increases of 1.8 per cent, an allocation of 0.1 per cent to finance exceptional individual bonuses thus providing additional ways to recognise performance, easier payment of overtime in 2019, and the payout of banked hours, up to a maximum of 35 hours.

For ground staff, this is in addition to the provisions of the inter-category pay agreement dated 19 October, which provides for a general increase of two per cent for 2019 for all Air France employees, effective 1 January.

Air France-KLM Group chief executive officer, Benjamin Smith (pictured left) said he was “delighted” with the agreement which represents a “new step forward”.

He added: “Together with yesterday’s signing of the agreement with Air France cabin crew, this is proof of our dedication to re-establishing trust with all Air France employees, an essential condition for our company’s success and to the benefit of all stakeholders.

“I would like to thank all the Air France teams and union partners whose commitment, dedication, and mutual respect continues to ensure our company’s bright future.”