Air Transat and CAE file flight plan for aspiring pilots with launch of Ascension Academy

posted on 22nd September 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Air Transat and CAE file flight plan for aspiring pilots with launch of Ascension Academy

Air Transat and CAE today announced the launch of Ascension Academy, a new cadet training program that enables the airline to build a pipeline of qualified pilots trained to the highest standards.

The Ascension Academy program offers aspiring pilots a pathway to earn their wings at CAE’s flight academy, and the opportunity to begin their career as a second-in-command upon completion of their type rating with Air Transat.

Applications are now being accepted for training beginning in February 2024.

“The Ascension Academy is a new program that will develop the next generation of Air Transat’s pilots,” mentioned Marc Gilbert, Vice President, Flight Operations at Air Transat.

“This program will enable us to recruit and train pilots in advance of the increased demand anticipated over the next years.

“One of the advantages of the Ascension Academy is that we will have a pipeline of pilots trained to our exacting standards with the specialized knowledge and skill to operate Air Transat’s fleet to destinations throughout our network.

“Our strong company culture and positive employee experience will certainly attract many candidates.

“We are thrilled to launch the Ascension Academy program with Air Transat and partner with a leading Canadian airline on a proactive training approach to meet future demand for pilots,” said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President, Civil Aviation.

“CAE forecasts a need for 63,000 new commercial pilots in North America over the next 10 years, and cadet programs like the Ascension Academy will be key to attracting the talent needed to keep the industry flying.

“The Ascension Academy program will not only secure a steady pipeline of qualified pilots for Air Transat, but it will also set a clear pathway for those who aspire to an exciting career in the flight deck.”

Applicants who are successful in the interview process will be admitted to the Ascension Academy program and receive a conditional letter of employment from Air Transat for a second-in-command position.

To learn more about the Ascension Academy program and to apply, please visit