airBaltic pilot academy receives its 10th diamond aircraft

image credit: airBaltic Pilot Academy

At the beginning of May 2024, airBaltic Training accepted its tenth training aircraft – Diamond DA40 NG – for the airBaltic Pilot Academy, manufactured by Diamond Aircraft.

It was publicly presented during the inaugural airBaltic Backstage Experience event, exclusively for holders of Planies NFTs, part of the airBaltic Club loyalty program.

The aircraft features a special Planies NFT livery and will be operated by students of the airBaltic Pilot Academy.

The distinctive livery design celebrates airBaltic’s forward-thinking loyalty program, which offers extraordinary advantages to airBaltic Club members.

Pauls Cālītis, Chief Operations Officer of airBaltic, stated, “The arrival of this 10th Diamond aircraft underscores the Pilot Academy’s ongoing commitment to investing in top-tier training aircraft.

“We are delighted, that our academy continues to develop and has already established a solid track record.

“Looking ahead, we are confident that the demand for pilots will only increase, and we are excited to continue welcoming new students to our program – as skilled and well-trained professionals are key to the success of any airline.”

Jane Wang, Sales Director, Diamond Aircraft Austria says: “We are proud to support the growth of Air Baltic Training.

“Air Baltic Training and Diamond Aircraft have a long and very good relationship and we are looking forward to continue to support their mission with our efficient and safe aircraft.”

There are 135 active students at the airBaltic Pilot Academy at the moment. Most of them are from the Baltic countries, however, there are students also from other EU countries such as Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Spain and Italy among others.

Overall, more than 10% of airBaltic Pilot Academy students are female. As for now, 97 students, after graduating, have joined airBaltic.