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Airbus announces changes to the leadership team

Airbus SE is announcing changes to the leadership team led by Chief Executive Officer Guillaume Faury, as well as the appointment of a designated Commercial Aircraft business management team which will operate under the helm of Christian Scherer.

“Looking at our key priorities, we want to put the Company in the right configuration for the future,” said Guillaume Faury, Airbus CEO.

“Our leadership team will further focus on the operational challenges of today, while addressing strategy and transformation to secure the future in all our businesses.

“This will require constant attention and stewardship from this leadership team – united around a common purpose and sharing Airbus’ core values – in order to be successful in the fast-changing global environment that has become our new normal.”

Meanwhile, Airbus also announces appointments to the new Commercial Aircraft management team.

“Our customers, partners and stakeholders expect total commitment from Airbus to deliver on the ambitions and operational objectives of our Commercial Aircraft business,” said Christian Scherer, CEO Commercial Aircraft.

“I’m excited to assemble a team of talented and recognised leaders at such a critical time for our industry.

“I’m looking forward to tackling the challenges and exploiting the opportunities together with this exceptional team.”

From 1 January 2024 onwards, the new Airbus leadership team led by Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury will consist of:

  • Thierry Baril, Chief Human Resources Officer*
  • Bruno Even, CEO Airbus Helicopters*
  • Alberto Gutierrez, EVP Special Industrial Projects*
  • John Harrison, General Counsel*
  • Catherine Jestin, EVP Digital and Information Management*
  • Julie Kitcher, Chief Sustainability Officer and Communications*
  • Sabine Klauke, Chief Technology Officer*
  • Christian Scherer, CEO Commercial Aircraft*
  • Mike Schoellhorn, CEO Airbus Defence and Space*
  • Thomas Toepfer, Chief Financial Officer*
  • Jeff Knittel, Chairman and CEO Airbus Americas
  • Matthieu Louvot, EVP Strategy
  • Wouter van Wersch, EVP International
  • George Xu, CEO Airbus China

From 1 January 2024 onwards, the new Commercial Aircraft management team led by CEO Commercial Aircraft Christian Scherer will consist of:

  • Stella Belvisi, General Counsel
  • Maggie Bergsma, Head of Communications
  • Mathieu Callewaert, EVP Human Resources
  • Thomas Hundt, EVP Finance
  • Sabine Klauke, EVP Engineering*
  • Florent Massou dit Labaquère, EVP Operations*
  • Philippe Mhun, EVP Programmes and Services*
  • Benoît de Saint-Exupéry, EVP Sales

Further appointments will be made at a later date.