Airport industry reconfirms and accelerates net zero CO2 targets

posted on 20th May 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Airport industry reconfirms and accelerates net zero CO2 targets

At the second ACI EUROPE Aviation Sustainability Summit today, the airport trade body made a series of announcements reaffirming the commitment of Europe’s airports to climate action and significantly raising their ambitions to achieve Net Zero CO2 emissions, notwithstanding the on-going devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic:

ACI EUROPE confirmed the commitment of the European airport industry to achieve Net Zero for CO2 emissions under its control by 2050 at the latest.

235 airports run by 63 operators across 29 countries have now backed this industry commitment, thus individually committing to the same objective.

91 airports run by 16 operators are set to deliver on their Net Zero commitment already by 2030.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE said: Europe’s airports have been leading globally on climate action for the past 12 years, delivering constant CO2 reductions through Airport Carbon Accreditation. While Covid-19 is an unprecedented shock from which we still must recover, it has only reinforced our resolve to play our part in the transition towards carbon-free European economies.

“The renewed and stepped-up ambition levels we are announcing today are truly impressive given the circumstances.

“They reflect not just continued alignment with the EU Climate goals, but for many airports that are now targeting Net Zero by 2030, it means going well beyond the EU’s 2030 reduction target of -55%.”

He added: I want to thank all airports that are reaffirming, joining, and advancing these important commitments, especially under the current circumstances.

“Of course, these efforts are also part and parcel of the vision and roadmap towards a Net Zero European aviation by 2050, which recently came to fruition through ‘Destination 2050’.

“Beyond reducing those CO2 emissions for which they are directly responsible, Europe’s airports will also have a crucial role to play in supporting other partners and in particular airlines in their own decarbonisation efforts.”

Adina Vălean, EU Commissioner for Transport commented: “The European Green Deal is our plan to make the EU more sustainable. The policy measures outlined in our Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy should help aviation stakeholders decarbonise the sector.

“Also, when talking about airport decarbonisation it is impossible not to mention the role and positive impact that ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation has had in driving airports’ climate efforts.

“I very much welcome the effort of airport stakeholders in standing up with these ambitious targets to reach Net Zero. I am looking forward to working on future progress on these matters with the EU airport community.”