Alaska Airlines announces partnership with CELITECH to offer eSIM technology

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image credit: Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has become the first airline in North America to integrate eSIM technology into its booking platform through a new partnership with CELITECH, the only eSIM creator made and hosted in the USA.

This collaboration enables travellers to purchase an eSIM directly when booking their trips on, enhancing their connectivity and travel experience.

CELITECH, a four-time winner of the “Overall Wireless Broadband Solution” by Mobile Breakthrough, offers affordable and secure cellular data services worldwide.

Now integrated into Alaska Airlines’ booking platform, CELITECH’s eSIM solution provides international travellers with premium LTE/5G connectivity in over 215 countries and regions.

Courtney Lansing, Managing Director of Business Development and Products at Alaska Airlines said: “We’re constantly thinking about ways we can improve the guest journey from booking to landing.

“Offering convenience is one way we show care for our guests. Finding an affordable option for them to communicate with friends and family as soon as they land is just another way we’re caring for guests in new ways.”

CELITECH’s “one-click add-on” feature significantly boosts eSIM conversions for travel partners.

Lauren Koenig, CMO of CELITECH, commented, “Alaska Airlines understands the connected traveler and the importance of partnering with an eSIM platform that prioritizes security and offers premium, unthrottled data services. Working with the Alaska team this past year has been wonderful and the future of our partnership is bright.”

Al Fares, CEO and Head of Product at CELITECH, said: “Alaska Air is quickly integrating our API and being extremely creative in offering travelers an eSIM through pre-departure emails, confirmation pages, booking processes, and soon, loyalty programs.

“When you work with an innovative airline, it’s evident not only from the ideas they generate but also from their swift implementation”.