American Airlines CEO admits he’s never flown the airline’s 737 MAX

posted on 15th January 2018 by yumna
American Airlines CEO admits he's never flown the airline's 737 MAX

American Airlines CEO, Doug Parker, recently participated in a Q+A session with some of the airline’s employees, which highlighted a surprising fact: he has never flown on AA’s 737 MAX aircraft.

As reported by, when asked a question about space in the aircraft’s toilet and the problems it is causing, Parker noted that he had never actually been on the MAX aircraft.

The flight attendant who asked the question was concerned as to the lack of space that the toilets provide, leading to water being splashed anywhere.

The employees explained that the 737 MAX is so full with seats that spacer elsewhere has been sacrificed.

It was said that the CEO was unaware of the problem and had not even been on one of the aircraft before to the dismay of some employees.