American Airlines in lawsuit over woman’s death on flight

posted on 30th April 2018 by yumna
American Airlines in lawsuit over woman's death on flight

American Airlines is being sued by the family of a woman who died on board a flight from Hawaii to Dallas. The family claim that the pilot of the flight ignored the advice of an on board doctor and refused to divert the plane from its destination.

The 25-year old nurse, Brittany Oswell, became ill on board the flight and fainted after becoming dizzy. A doctor originally diagnosed the passenger with a panic attack until she was later found in the bathroom unconscious and covered in vomit.

It is claimed by the family that a doctor advised the plane to be immediately diverted, which was then ignored by the pilot.

While the plane continued its path towards Dallas, the passenger’s heart stopped and she had stopped breathing.

Oswell died of an acute embolism and was eventually taken off life support three days after the incident on the flight.

American Airlines stated that it is looking into the details of the case. The case continues.