Andrzej Ilków has been appointed to the management board of ACI Europe

Andrzej Ilków, the CEO of Polish Airports S.A.

During the General Assembly of ACI Europe in Istanbul, Andrzej Ilków, the CEO of Polish Airports S.A. was appointed to the association’s Board.

This is a unique distinction for the entire Polish aviation sector. ACI Europe (Airports Council International Europe) is an industry association that represents the interests of airports.

ACI Europe is a platform to exchange experiences and promote the best solutions in the management and operation of airports.

Members include over 600 airport operators of various sizes in 58 European countries, handling over 90%. commercial air traffic in Europe.

Andrzej Ilków, CEO of PPL S.A says: “I am extremely honored to have been elected to the ACI Europe board.

“A seat on the Board of this organization gives Poland a unique opportunity to influence the future of European aviation and will allow us to actively strengthen our relationships with key partners around the world.

“It is also a huge opportunity to shape a safe and sustainable aviation policy in Europe together with other aviation industry leaders.”

Andrzej Ilków has been the CEO Polish Airports S.A. (PPL S.A.) since March 19th this year. He is a manager experienced in airport management.

He carried out the registration process of the airport in Bydgoszcz and successfully completed the initiated application process for EU funds for the modernization of the port.

In 2008, he started working at Warsaw Chopin Airport, in the newly established Air Operations Security Office.

He initiated and introduced the process of coordinating flight schedules at the airport, which is still used today.

He supervised the expansion process of Warsaw Chopin Airport in 2011-2014, preceded by a long preparatory period, in cooperation with industry companies and CAA, EUROCONTROL, IATA and EASA.

He also participated in the work of the Technical Operation Safety Committee of Airport Council International.

He also used his extensive professional experience as an academic lecturer and an expert of the State Commission for Aircraft Accidents Investigation.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Transport at the Warsaw University of Technology, as well as postgraduate studies at the Air Force Academy in Dęblin.

For 20 years, successively promoted, he served in the Air Force and Air Defense. He participated in the UN peacekeeping mission in Syria and Israel and the NATO mission in Kosovo.