Avelo Airlines announces enhancements to pilot compensation

posted on 20th January 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Avelo Airlines announces enhancements to pilot compensation

Avelo Airlines today announced it is bolstering pilot compensation to attract and retain world class aviators — elevating first-year pay by nearly 50% for Captains and by nearly 30% for First Officers.

The enhanced pay scale offers the highest first-year Captain and First Officer pay rates in the Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) and regional carrier sectors of the U.S. airline industry.

Avelo expects to add an additional 120 pilots in 2022. In addition to hiring First Officers, for a limited time qualified pilots may be immediately hired as Captains.

“We’re committed to attracting and retaining the industry’s best pilots,” said Avelo Chairman and CEO Andrew Levy.

“In addition to our enhanced pay scale, Avelo supports quality of life initiatives such as an additional $1,800 per month to help offset the cost of commuting.

“And, if a pilot chooses to live in base, they’ll keep the $1,800 per month.”

The first-year Captain hourly pay rate increases from $135 to $200. Under the new scale, at five years of service Avelo Captains will earn $220 per hour.

The first-year hourly pay rate for First Officers increases from $70 to $90 with an hourly rate of $140 at five years of service.



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The new pay scale is effective February 1, 2022, for current and future Avelo pilots.

In addition to increasing the pilot pay scale, the airline is offering a $20,000 sign-on bonus to new pilots hired before June 1, 2022.

An initial $5,000 is paid after the pilot completes their orientation trips and the remaining $15,000 is paid at the completion of their first year with the company. The bonus is available to Captains and First Officers.

Additional benefits include:

  • $1,800 virtual base stipend (paid monthly upon completion of orientation trips) to offset commuting costs — paid to all pilots whether they commute or live in base
  • For pilots who prefer to sleep at home every night – all scheduled Avelo flights start and return to their base each day
  • Training pay of $6,300 per month (min guarantee at year-one First Officer rate)
  • Training hotel is provided by Avelo
  • Initial uniform and ongoing uniform allowance
  • Full Cockpit Access Security System (CASS), Known Crewmember (KCM) program and jump seat agreements
  • Premium pay of 125% of base hourly rate paid to pilots working over 75 block hours per month
  • Day off flying is paid at 125% of base hourly rate on top of guarantee
  • Guarantee 70 hours per month
  • $2.25 per diem
  • High seniority from day one
  • Quick upgrade to Captain for pilots meeting the qualification of 14 CFR 121.436
  • 401K retirement program
  • Company-subsidized health, vision and dental coverage
  • Meaningful profit-sharing when Avelo meets initial profitability threshold

At basic guarantee, new pilots in their first year will earn $209,600 for a Captain and $117,200 for a First Officer (includes sign-on bonus and virtual base stipend). Avelo is accepting applications for Captains and First Officers at aveloair.com/careers.

“At Avelo Airlines, pilots hire pilots,” said Avelo Chief Operating Officer Captain Greg Baden.

“We encourage pilots at any stage in their professional career to apply.”