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Aviator wins Lufthansa handling contract in Copenhagen

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Aviator has increased its presence and platform at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) by winning a ground handling contract with the Lufthansa Group.

Aviator managing director in Denmark, Lars Wrist-Elkjaer said: “We are honoured that Lufthansa Group has chosen to extend their corporation with us, by appointing Aviator as ground handler in Copenhagen.

“We have previously delivered ground handling to Austrian Airlines, Swiss Airlines and Brussel Airlines, but this is the first time we will work with Lufthansa Airline delivering full ground handling.”

He added the signing along with several extended partnerships with both Danish companies, are important steps to “continue sustainable growth and service delivery in Denmark”.

In Sweden, Aviator has also recently had great commercial success by wining Eurowings and LOT in Gothenburg and Stockholm as well as adding passenger handling to the regional airline BRA in Gothenburg and Malmö, where Aviator previously already delivered ramp handling to BRA.

In Finland, Aviator recently won Ukraine International and Aegean and are soon also starting up with Juneyao and Tibet Airlines as their launch partner in Europe.

Aviator in Manchester are also growing their business and has recently won the Ethiad Airways contract. The past months, Aviator has extended several partnerships, such as Wizz Air, SAS, Fedex, DHL, UPS and TNT.

Aviator chief executive officer,  Jo Alex Tanem said: “Beside expanding our core ground handling, we are broadening our lounge presence and introducing new lounge concepts, growing our GSE workshops, developing a new generation washing robots and creating new customer concepts with partners. Aviator have gone through a major restructure the past two years and has taken a giant leap forward.

“We have succeeded in creating a solid platform operationally, financially and commercially, and are looking at expanding into new stations, new areas and growing our existing business.”