Avinor has chosen Netcompany as its exclusive strategic partner

Avinor, the operator of 43 airports and the airspace over Norway, has chosen Netcompany as its exclusive strategic partner for the next three years with an option for two extensions of two years each.

With the agreement, valued at up to NOK 1,2 billion (over £91 million), the parties will digitally transform and improve the operation of Norway’s airspace and large network of civilian airports.

The aviation industry is undergoing a major transformation and faces significant technological changes. Avinor places great emphasis on innovation and the use of new technology, with a clear goal of using resources efficiently to ensure a stable, safe, and future-oriented infrastructure for Norway.

With Netcompany as a central partner, Avinor will strengthen its focus on innovation and the introduction of advanced technology to increase value creation, improve the customer experience, and operations for both passengers and airlines.

The committed partnership includes Avinor’s entire network of 43 airports and the management of Norway’s airspace.

As a strategic partner, Netcompany will be Avinor’s most important partner and contributor to realising and further developing the company’s technology strategy.

Netcompany was selected after an extensive public tender competition. Netcompany distinguished itself with strong competence in all technology areas and a clear value proposition with a committed willingness to invest.

Furthermore, Netcompany’s broad experience in aviation was of great importance to Avinor.

Netcompany becomes the digital backbone of Scandinavian aviation

With the agreement, Netcompany will become the digital backbone of Scandinavian aviation – in everything from the way passengers are serviced to the establishment of an intelligent network of airports.

Through its co-ownership of Smarter Airports, Netcompany already operates the digital infrastructure in Copenhagen with the AIRHART platform.

André Rogaczewski, CEO of Netcompany says, “Through our strategic partnership with Avinor, we continue our commitment to digitise and establish modern, data and AI-driven airports – ultimately benefiting the climate, the environment, passengers, and airlines.

“Avinor is one of the world’s most diverse and interesting operators and together we have great ambitions to further modernise the entire aviation sector.”

As a strategic partner, Netcompany will contribute to the design and realisation of Avinor’s digitalisation ambition across large operational processes related to passengers, baggage, aircraft, and airspace control, as well as essential commercial activities crucial for running an efficient and profitable airport.

Abraham Foss, CEO of Avinor says, “Netcompany has already demonstrated its capacity to innovate the airport industry by leveraging its experience in financial services, retail, logistics, and the public sector. At Avinor, we firmly believe that cross-industry knowledge promotes innovation and helps identify best practices and avoid pitfalls”.