Avion Express establishes subsidiary airline Avion Express Malta

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The largest narrow-body ACMI operator in the world Avion Express has established a subsidiary airline in Malta called Avion Express Malta.

The airline will provide ACMI services to regular and charter airlines and start operations with 1 Airbus A320 aircraft and start flying for Europe’s third largest airline Norwegian on 20 May and will fly during the summer season.

Avion Express has set the subsidiary up to strengthen its position in the market. Avion Express Malta was granted a Maltese Air Operator’s Certificate and Air Operating License earlier this week. 

“Establishing a subsidiary company in Malta is a very important step for our company,” says Avion Express chief executive officer Darius Kajokas. “The decision to expand our business to this region was influenced by the favourable and strategically beneficial conditions provided by Malta.

“Malta is an FAA-approved country which gives us access to the US market and opens a lot of opportunities to strengthen our leading positionas a global ACMI provider on narrow-bodies.”

Avion Express is the largest narrow-body ACMI operator in the world successfully working with clients in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia-Pacific. In 2019 the airline will operate 22 Airbus A320 family aircraft.