Avix Aero appoints Bill Tiffany as Chief Executive Officer

Avix Aero appointed aviation industry veteran Bill Tiffany as Chief Executive Officer, effective January 1st, 2024.

Bill brings over 20 years of commercial aviation leadership experience and critical executive relationships to Avix Aero.

He will be responsible for broadening and accelerating the industry’s adoption of Avix Aero’s Strut Data Collection System (SDCS), improving a critical element of global air travel operations.

The company’s Strut Data Collection System is the leading onboard aircraft weight and balance measurement system.

The SDCS automates heavily manual, assumption-based calculations with accurate, real-time measurements of aircraft weight and center of gravity.

While maintaining the highest levels of safety and compliance, the solution unlocks numerous operational, financial, and environmental benefits for airlines.

Bill and the Avix Aero team plan to deploy the system widely in the new year to support the industry’s efforts to make positive, step-function changes to increase operational efficiencies and reduce the impact on the environment.

Bill joins Avix Aero from MRO Holdings (MROH) where he was Chief Revenue Officer, leading all commercial, sales and marketing, strategy and business development and supply chain functions.

Prior to MROH, Bill was Vice President of Supply Chain Management at Southwest Airlines and was previously a Partner in Oliver Wyman Group’s aviation consultancy and investment bank.