Berbere Portraits travel photo of Rui Pires on display in Malpensa Airport

posted on 2nd March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Berbere Portraits travel photo of Rui Pires on display in Malpensa Airport

Milano Malpensa airport continues with the inauguration of Berbere Portraits in the exhibition space PHOTOSQUARE at Terminal 1.

A fine art photographic exhibition by Rui Pires, established Portuguese photographer included in the collection of the Italian / Afi Photographic Archive.

Berbere Portraits is a long-term project by Portuguese photographer Rui Pires, a photographic and video social documentary begun in 2009 on the Berber tribes, the indigenous ethnic group of North Africa stationed west of the Nile Valley, specifically in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

The images of Pires, who has become in tune with the local people who have welcomed him into their homes, investigate with particular attention the social dimension and daily life of the peoples of the desert area: life, faces and landscapes enclosed in a fascinating light, which crosses the concept of place to enter more humanistic and spiritual visions.

“Photosquare for some years now has been hosting evocative exhibitions with a reference to the journey, to the destination, celebrating the panoramas of the various territories,” says Alessandro Fidato, Chief Operating Officer of SEA.

“We have always wanted to arouse suggestions and emotions by choosing shots that portray different places, but always evocative of a journey.

“A story that today takes us far away, to desert landscapes where Rui Pires with his bold colors and wise harmony illustrates a population through faces marked by the sun, mud dwellings and camels, the boundless spaces of the desert and its dunes.”