Birmingham airport challenges engineers of the future

Sixth formers from the WMG Academy for Young Engineers Solihull, visited the Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport has hosted a visit from young engineers – and challenged them to come up with sustainable solutions for repurposing the Airport’s Air-Rail Link.

Sixth formers from the WMG Academy for Young Engineers Solihull, visited the Airport to understand the scope of the challenge and to see the current Air-Rail Link in action, which transports customers back-and-forth between the Airport, Birmingham International Rail Station, and the NEC.

The students were tasked with coming up with ideas on how the Air-Rail Link infrastructure could be repurposed in the future.

Their brief requires them to take into account any construction and commercial considerations, as well as customer needs, and how their plans will support the Airport’s objective of becoming net carbon zero by 2033.

Once they have finalised their idea, they will get to meet senior Airport representatives face-to-face to present their proposals.

The project was developed by Steve Walton, the Airport’s Head of Terminal Infrastructure said: “This was such an interesting project and was great to see the enthusiasm and innovative thinking from the students.

“It was fantastic to see the classroom progress so far, but there’s nothing like a site visit to make any challenge come to life!”

Rebecca Archer, Business Engagement & Student Destinations Manager at the Academy said: “This is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and apply their engineering skills to a real-world project that has sustainability at its core.

“Partnering with Birmingham Airport will widen their gaze to all the components that make their local airport function.

“Thank you to Steve and his team for enabling such a valuable opportunity.”

Student Rehmat Shah added: “This opportunity is giving me the chance to dive into multiple engineering sectors.

“Airport engineers have given me professional advice and expanded my horizons to ideas I had not yet considered.”