Birmingham Airport invests in WebTrak as part of sustainability strategy

image credit: Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport (BHX) has invested in a new software called WebTrak, which will allow members of the public to view aircraft operations live at Birmingham Airport.

This is one of many initiatives that the airport has implemented to ensure it is continually progressing and developing new ideas for its neighbouring community and to ensure it is working towards its Sustainability Strategy.

The introduction of this software falls in line with BHX’s Sustainability Strategy, which commits to being a responsible neighbour and sets out to be transparent, with data being shared with the local community.

Members of the public may now use WebTrak’s interactive interface to view information such as: a flight’s point of closest approach to their homes, aircraft noise levels, and more.

In addition, users have the option to report any concerns that they may have directly to BHX as WebTrak also provides a quick link to a contact form.

Tom Denton, Head of Sustainability at Birmingham Airport said: “As an airport, we rightly have an obligation and commitment to work with our community.

“WebTrak enables transparent, two-way communication and dialogue with our neighbours, ensuring that we are delivering on the promises within our Sustainability Strategy and plan.”