Boeing delivers first 787-9 Dreamliner for Royal Air Maroc

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Royal Air Maroc has received a new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – the second member of the Dreamliner family to welcomed into the airline’s fleet.

The larger and longer-range Dreamliner will be used by the carrier to aid its route expansion across Europe, the US and Latin America such as Casablanca to Paris (Orly), to New York and to Sao Paulo.

Royal Air Maroc chief executive officer and chairman, Abdelhamid Addou said: “We are particularly pleased to receive today our airline’s first 787-9, which will soon be joined by three other models from the same family.

“The choice of this airplane forms part of our strategy to continuously expand and modernize our fleet, and comes just a few days after the announcement of the invitation made to Royal Air Maroc to join the highly prestigious Oneworld Alliance. This will further strengthen our country’s and Royal Air Maroc’s leadership position on the continent.”

In 2015, the airline was the first in the Mediterranean to fly the 787-8. With the larger, longer-range 787-9, Royal Air Maroc will be able to accommodate about 30 additional passengers (for a total of 302) and fly several hundred miles farther (up to 7,635 nautical miles or 14,140 km).

Later this month, Royal Air Maroc will begin modernising its single-aisle fleet when it takes delivery of its first 737 MAX, the latest and more efficient version of the 737 aircraft. The jet will join a fleet of more than 60 Boeing aircraft.