BREAKING: Japan Airlines plane on fire on runway at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

A Japan Airlines plane was on fire on Tuesday night as it landed at Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

Footage shown on Japanese broadcaster NHK showed flames coming out of the windows of the aircraft and beneath it.

The runway was also set alight, but the footage shows emergency services attending the scene.

Citing authorities, NHK said the plane may have collided with another aircraft after landing at Haneda. There are passengers on board.

According to the airline, all 379 people on board were evacuated. BBC News said there are reports that a Japanese coastguard plane collided with the passenger aircraft as it landed on the runway.

Japan’s transport minister has reportedly confirmed the deaths of five people who were onboard the coastguard plane.

A spokesperson for Haneda Airport said it closed all runways following the incident.

This is a breaking news story. 

Image/footage credit: NHK World-Japan