Bruno Spada appointed as head of airport IT at Amadeus

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Bruno Spada has been appointed as new head of airport IT of Amadeus – following the retirement of John Jarrell at the end of 2018.

Spada (pictured below) brings with him extensive experience from across the Amadeus business, with a strong focus on R&D in particular, gleaned from leading the R&D team for the Departure Control System (DCS) Flight Management product in London.

He also brings a detailed understanding of the airport IT environment, as he was part of the team that went on to launch the Altéa DCS commercially, including working on its implementation with customers for five years.

He has more recently been leading the Amadeus commercial finance team in Madrid.

“The vision and direction of the airport business unit in Amadeus strongly attracted me to the role. Having previous experience in R&D, and the delivery of solutions related to ground operations, gives me a wide understanding of this business model. I will strive to help Amadeus to become the leader in this field,” said Spada.

He continued: “Working in partnership with customers to develop solutions which suit their business needs and to create new opportunities is something the Amadeus Airport IT team has always been devoted to.

“I am excited to continue this good work and help airports and ground handlers identify new ways of providing an efficient service to both their airline customers and travelers. I will ensure the continuity and stability of our business, quality of service and delivery, and maintain a strong focus on innovation.”