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Carlsberg Aviator Lounge opens at Copenhagen Airport

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Nordic ground handler Aviator has announced a new partnership with Carlsberg Denmark and have opened the Carlsberg Aviator Lounge at Copenhagen Airport based on the concept ‘beer, love and hoppiness’.

The Carlsberg Aviator Lounge opened at Copenhagen Airport last week, and instead of just servicing business-class travelers, it is open to everyone and developed in line with Carlsberg’s mindset to provide the best beer-experience possible.

“Today, it is no longer enough to service business-class travelers. Many other travelers want to sit comfortably and enjoy good food and drink before traveling. Therefore, everyone must be welcome in the new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge.

“At the same time we wanted a lounge created in line with Carlsberg’s mindset to constantly do better and be more sustainable,” said Lars Wrist-Elkjær, managing director of Aviator Denmark.

In addition to the gastronomic and architectural experience the lounge also offers innovation, namely the furniture, which has been developed based on Carlsberg’s journey towards sustainability and its desire to do better for the environment.

The chairs are created in recyclable plastic material  and the tables are made of recycled material from Carlsberg’s beer kegs.

The lounge entrance is 155DKK and lounge tickets can be purchased in advance on Aviator Relaxiums website: