Cayman Airways receives first Boeing 737 MAX 8

posted on 30th November 2018 by Justin Burns
Cayman Airways receives first Boeing 737 MAX 8

Cayman Airways has received its first Boeing 737 MAX 8 – the first of the aircraft type to enter service in the Caribbean and part of the airline’s plans to modernise its fleet and expand its network.

The aircraft is on lease from Air Lease Corpooration and was delivered yesterday. Cayman Airways plans to take delivery of four MAX 8 aircraft to replace its fleet of 737 Classics.

Cayman Airways president and chief executive officer, Fabian Whorms said: “Cayman Airways is able to achieve the highest levels of efficiency with the 737 MAX 8, along with unparalleled levels of reliability and comfort.

“In addition, the MAX’s incredible range opens up the potential for several new markets within the Americas.”

Boeing says compared to the 737-300, the MAX 8 offers 30 per cent greater seat capacity, and a more than 30 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency per seat.