Changes in Finnair flights to Asia and Russia

posted on 8th March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Changes in Finnair flights to Asia and Russia

Due to the closure of Russian airspace, Finnair are making changes to our flights to Asian destinations and Russia.

Finnair have said that they will continue their flights to Tokyo starting 09 March, Shanghai starting 10 March and Seoul starting 12 March avoiding the Russian airspace.

They will also continue flights to Bangkok, Phuket, Delhi and Singapore using a longer route going around Russia.

Finnair have cancelled all flights to Russia until 28 May 2022.

Also, Seoul flights AY41/42 on 9/10 March and 11/12 March are cancelled.

In addition, flights to Osaka and Hongkong will be cancelled until 30 April 2022.

Finnair are following the situation closely and will update any new information on this page.


As of 9 March 2022, Finnair fly to Tokyo Narita four times a week out of Helsinki.

The flight time is approximately 13 hours, and the flights connect smoothly to their European network.

Finnair continue flying from Helsinki to Shanghai once a week starting 10 March 2022 and to Seoul three times a week as of 12 March.

Both routes go around the Russian airspace from the south.

It is important to know that on Tokyo and Seoul flights they have less seats than normally for customers due to loading reasons.

Finnair continue flying from Helsinki to Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore and Delhi and from Stockholm Arlanda to Phuket.

As Finnair avoid using the Russian airspace, your travel time is some hours longer depending on the route and for example the weather conditions.