Cirium reveals winter flights are exceeding pre-pandemic levels

posted on 10th February 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Cirium reveals winter flights are exceeding pre-pandemic levels

Winter flights in the UK are showing remarkable recovery, with scheduled departures projected to hit 81% of February 2019 levels this year, according to Cirium, a global aviation data provider.

With over 60,600 flights scheduled to depart this month, equating to over 10.7 million seats, winter leisure travel and ski holidays are booming once again.

A number of popular ski destinations in Europe are set to exceed pre-pandemic levels, as ski-enthusiasts flock to the slopes. In Austria, the ski gateway of Innsbruck is scheduled to see 8% more UK flights compared to February 2019, while Salzburg will see an 11% increase. The lesser-known city of Klagenfurt will see a huge 50% uplift in UK arrivals, showing the growing demand for alternative ski destinations.

France is also showing promising signs of recovery, with the winter airport of Chambery set to see a 13% increase in UK arrivals compared to February 2019. However, Grenoble and Lyon remain 1% and 12% below pre-pandemic UK flight levels respectively.

In Northern Italy, Bergamo is showing the strongest growth with a 37% increase in scheduled flights from the UK, while Malpensa is projected to see a 6.7% increase. Flights to Turin and Verona are also set to overtake pre-pandemic levels, with 11% and 7% more UK arrivals respectively.

Despite the encouraging growth in other destinations, flights from the UK to Geneva, Switzerland’s main skiing gateway, remain 6% down in February 2023 compared to February 2019. Nevertheless, with winter flights in the UK showing remarkable recovery, it’s clear that the ski and winter holiday market is on the road to recovery.

In conclusion, the travel industry has shown remarkable resilience in the face of the pandemic, and with winter flights in the UK exceeding pre-pandemic levels, it’s a positive sign for the future of travel and tourism. Ski-enthusiasts are once again able to hit the slopes, and destinations in Europe are benefiting from a boost in winter tourism.