Construction of Sky Bridge at HKIA Achieves Major Milestone

posted on 23rd January 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Construction of Sky Bridge at HKIA Achieves Major Milestone

Last week the main structure of Sky Bridge at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) was successfully delivered to its final position, concluding the prefabrication phase of the construction programme to mark an important project milestone. 

It is anticipated that Sky Bridge will be the world’s longest airside bridge, allowing the largest passenger aircraft, the A380, to pass underneath. The 200m-long Sky Bridge will connect Terminal 1 and the North Satellite Concourse, minimising travelling time between the two buildings as passengers no longer need to shuttle by buses. The Sky Bridge will also provide great views of the apron, further enhancing passengers’ airport experience.

To minimise impact on HKIA’s busy operations, Sky Bridge was prefabricated in Zhongshan. Three precast segments were transported to the assembly yard in the midfield area of HKIA from September to October 2019. The segments were then assembled to form the main structure of the bridge. On 9 January 2020, the main structure of the bridge, weighing over 5000 tonnes, was transported over 3km on HKIA’s apron from the assembly yard to the bridge’s final position. It was then erected on the bridge towers on 10 January 2020.

Ricky Leung, Executive Director of Engineering & Technology, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) said, “We are pleased with the successful delivery of Sky Bridge’s main structure, which concludes the prefabrication phase of its construction on schedule. This also marks the first time HKIA has transported such a mega structure within the apron area.”

“Employing great skill and techniques, the project team transported the gigantic structure by sea and along the apron. I must thank the project team, the participating teams at the AA and all the other parties who contributed to such an efficient delivery, while maintaining smooth operations of the airport,” added Mr Leung.

With the main structure of Sky Bridge in place, facilities installation and renovation works will begin. Sky Bridge is expected to commence operation in mid-2020.