Covid-19 testing site launched near Kaunas Airport

posted on 30th March 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Covid-19 testing site launched near Kaunas Airport

A Covid-19 testing site has launched near Kaunas Airport providing paid services provided by a laboratory research company

In Kaunas, recommendations remain analogous to those that apply at Vilnius Airport, in order for the test to be performed at the airport, travellers should register on the website before arrival or departure (registration is also possible by the specified phone number), to be present at the test point at least 5 minutes before the scheduled visit time, and have an identity document on hand.

At Kaunas Airport, mobile testing structures are located right next to the passenger terminal, in the clearly marked and visible place.

“We know that, during the summer season, safe travel by air will be even more active, and passenger traffic will gradually increase. Therefore, we want to ensure better conditions for travellers to undergo test for COVID-19. says Daiva Kazlauskienė, the Director of and Lithuania’s diagnostics and treatment providers’ association.

“From 1 April, we will no longer charge a fee for issuing a test certificate, and will also unify prices throughout Lithuania so that travellers could leave their sample at any treatment room of our laboratory and simply pick up an approved certificate next to the airport if the country requires the original document. Kazlauskienė added.

“Until this autumn, sampling for PCR test and issuance of answer with a certificate will cost 75 euros“.