Dana Air aircraft veers off runway at Lagos Airport

image credit: Dana Air

A Dana Air’s aircraft experienced a runway incident at Lagos airport early on Tuesday morning.

The airline has confirmed the safety of all 83 passengers and crew onboard the flight from Abuja to Lagos.

Dana Air released a statement acknowledging a runway incursion involving its aircraft with registration number 5N BKI.

Despite the unexpected incident, all passengers and crew onboard were safely evacuated without any injuries.

Dana Air said in its statement: “We are relieved to confirm that all 83 passengers and crew onboard the flight disembarked safely without injuries or fear as the crew handled the situation with utmost professionalism.

Following the incident, Dana Air has grounded the aircraft involved and initiated an investigation.

The airline has informed the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) and the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) about the incident and is working closely with them to ascertain the cause.

Dana Air expressed gratitude towards the airport authorities and its crew for their prompt response in ensuring the safe disembarkation of passengers.

The airline also extended its apologies to the affected passengers for the inconvenience caused and reassured them of their commitment to prioritising safety.

Dana Air added: “Our sincere apologies and appreciation to the passengers on the affected flight for their patience and understanding.

“We wish to reassure our passengers that their safety will always be our top priority, and we are cooperating fully with the relevant authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident”.