Danish IT supplier is strengthened in the Global Airport Market through acquisitions

posted on 4th December 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Danish IT supplier is strengthened in the Global Airport Market through acquisitions

The Danish IT Company PDC A/S is a World-leading provider of Software Solutions for Slot Coordination at Airports and is now strengthening its position through the acquisition of the Company LPT IT.

PDC’s Slot Coordination Solutions are used in more than 400 airports in 46 countries and is therefore by far the most widely used system in the world. With the acquisition of LPT IT, PDC now has an Airport Operations Data Base (AODB) in its portfolio. In addition to Slot Coordination, PDC can also offer Airport Solutions for Stand/Gate Planning, Ground Handling Activity and Staff Planning. With an AODB solution, the applications integration is enhanced.

PDC’s solutions are used for large as well as smaller airports – from Heathrow Airport in London to Billund Airport in Denmark.

For a longtime, we wanted to offer an AODB solution to our customers and with the acquisition of LPT IT we have now fulfilled this wish. In addition, through this acquisition we can include solutions for Flight Displays and Passenger Announcement in the portfolio.

We are proud to introduce robust AODB technology to our customers and benefit from the synergy between LPT-IT’s Cloud-based Solutions and PDC’s Scheduling Solutions. We have high expectations of positive reception among Airport Customers, as PDC can deliver a wide range of coherent solutions in the future.” Says Finn Grønskov, CEO of PDC A / S.

LPT IT has more than 25 years of experience in developing and delivering information systems for Airports, including AODB, FIDS (Flight Displays) and PAS (Flight and Passenger Advertising). LPT IT’s solutions are in operation at both Danish and Norwegian airports.

It is a market with fierce competition, but we believe that PDC’s recognition in the market and our business expertise is a strong combination that will result in more comprehensive solutions for the airports,” says Lorens Thomsen, General Manager of LPT IT.