Delta Air Lines CEO anticipates 737 MAX 10 will be delayed until 2027

Delta Air Lines CEO anticipates 737 MAX will be delayed until 2027
In July 2022, Delta Air Lines placed an order for 100 MAX 10 aircraft (Image credit: @IanDewarPhotography/Adobe Stock)

Delta CEO, Ed Bastian, has hinted he expects the delivery of the airline’s Boeing 737 MAX 10 orders to be delayed to as long as 2027.

It comes as Boeing continues to undergo safety and quality scrutiny by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in light of safety concerns with the MAX 9 model.

Bastian told Bloomberg: “We were already anticipating that if it came in 2025, it would be late in the year. My guess is that it will be another year or two beyond that.”

In July 2022, Delta Air Lines placed an order for 100 MAX 10 aircraft with options for 30 more.

The MAX 10 are to be used on Delta’s domestic network, complementing its existing fleet of Airbus A321neo aircraft.

Bastian added the airline is “very pleased” with the Airbus jet but has not hinted at any plans to give up the 737 MAX 10 orders in favour of other models or variants.

The Delta CEO said the MAX is not “an integral part” of the airline’s fleet yet, but that “it’s a nice part of our strategy”.

He emphasised however that there are several issues with the 737 MAX “that need to be addressed” and ongoing discussions with Boeing are being held.

Meanwhile rival carrier United Airlines could drop its existing MAX 10 orders for Airbus A321neos or other 737 MAX variants, according to Bloomberg.

United CEO, Scott Kirby said earlier this week: “We’ve asked Boeing to stop building MAX 10s, which they’ve done, for us and start building MAX 9s. It’s impossible to say when the MAX 10 is going to get certified.

“We are in the market for A321s, and if we get a deal where the economics work, we’ll do something. If we don’t, we won’t and will end up with more MAX 9s.”

Kirby has been one of Boeing’s most outspoken critics after a fuselage panel blew off an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 in January.

United, the biggest operator of the variant, temporarily took dozens of planes out of service while investigators probed the accident.