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Deutsche Aircraft partners with Toulouse-based airplane painter

Photo caption (From left to right): Peter Spyrka (Vice President of Programmes at Deutsche Aircraft) and Charly Arslan (Vice President, and Founder of Airplane Painter) in Toulouse

Deutsche Aircraft has announced a strategic partnership with Airplane Painter, a painting and sealing service provider based in Toulouse, France.

Airplane Painter will serve as the supplier for the stripping and repainting of the D328 fleet.

Airplane Painter has extensive experience in the aviation industry, with more than 20 years of expertise in aircraft painting.

Their dedication to precision, quality and innovation aligns seamlessly with Deutsche Aircraft’s commitment to excellence.

In addition, Airplane Painter also operates another company specialising in Part 145 activities, further enhancing their capabilities in the aviation sector.

Peter Spyrka, Vice President of Programmes at Deutsche Aircraft says: “We are excited to partner with Airplane Painter as our trusted supplier.

“We look forward to a fruitful and collaborative partnership as we work together to elevate our fleet aesthetics and ensure the highest standards of quality and performance.”

Charly Arslan, Vice President, and Founder of Airplane Painter remarks: “This partnership represents a significant step forward for both Deutsche Aircraft and Airplane Painter.

“We aim to establish a long-term relationship built on mutual trust, respect and shared values.”