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Deutsche Aircraft selects Garmin G5000 Avionics suite for its new D328eco

Deutsche Aircraft has announced it has selected the Garmin G5000 avionic suite, to equip the brand-new benchmark, Companion flight deck: a built-in and fully integrated avionics suite that will be fitted on the new D328eco regional aircraft.

This announcement marks the very first time a new flight deck is fitted into a below 50-seat regional aircraft category since the beginning of the 21st century.

“We are honored to work with the Deutsche Aircraft team to help achieve their mission of providing the D328eco aircraft as a disruptive new entrant into the regional air transportation market,” said Creighton Scarpone, Garmin director of airline and business aviation sales.

“The G5000 integrated flight deck, optimized specifically for the D328eco, brings an established solution into the segment, and offers a scalable platform to meet both current and forward-looking needs of operators around the world.”

As main design goals, the new Companion flight deck is being developed to offer a cognitive & intuitive operation, with reduced workload, enhanced ergonomics, safety and improved maintainability.

The implementation of the Garmin avionics into the Companion flight deck is one key enabling system towards future Single Pilot Operation capability.

“The new Companion flight deck has been designed whilst keeping in mind all requirements and expectations of the market allowing a total control of how we have designed it. Its functionalities really make Deutsche Aircraft’s innovative vision a reality.” said Dave Jackson, Managing Director of Deutsche Aircraft.

“The new D328eco Companion flight deck features a significant leap in enabling pilots to successfully complete their mission, whether it is flying commercial passengers or special operations.”

The Deutsche Aircraft program, currently in preliminary design review phase, is focused on the maturity of new systems and materials required to support the aircraft design targets and industrialisation.