Drone sighting shuts down flights at Frankfurt airport

posted on 2nd March 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Drone sighting shuts down flights at Frankfurt airport

Germany’s busiest airport was thrown into chaos for nearly two hours on Monday after a drone was spotted near the facility, police has said.

A pilot reported the drone over the southern part of Frankfurt’s international airport around 11.15am and the airport was shut as police searched the area with a helicopter.

Landings and takeoffs were blocked from 12pm for more than an hour, causing widespread delays and cancellations.

A drone was sighted at the Frankfurt airport. The DFS therefore currently does not issue take-off and landing permits. State and federal police are working together to provide information and avert danger. There may be delays and flight delays“. a police statement read.

Back In December 2018, Britain’s Gatwick airport was shut down for several days and hundreds of flights were cancelled due to repeated drone sightings.