EasyJet, Asos and Savills among worst companies for gender pay gap

posted on 6th April 2022 by Eddie Saunders
EasyJet, Asos and Savills among worst companies for gender pay gap

By , cityam.com

Easyjet, Asos and Savills are some of the worst UK companies when it comes to gender pay gap, even though differences have narrowed for the second consecutive year.

According to an analysis by the Times, while the overall median pay gap went down from 10 to 9.8 per cent on last year’s levels, women at Easyjet make £0.69p to every £1 a man does.

The ratio goes further down when considering Savills and Asos, to £0.59 and £0.55 respectively.

The research comes after both public and private sector’s employers had to submit their data on gender pay gap.

An Asos spokesperson said online fashion retailer was taking action to narrow the gap, “from hiring more women in leadership roles to working with our partners to empower female tech talent,” as most female employees work in entry-level jobs, such as customer care.

Savills’ words echoed those of Asos as the estate agency giant said it was working hard “to build up our apprenticeship offering and transform our graduate schemes and because this recruitment has been most pronounced amongst those just starting their careers with us, it has now resulted in a widening of the pay gap”.

On the other hand, EasyJet – whose median pay gap is at 63.6 per cent – said the gap was the result of “gender imbalance” in the company’s sector, especially as pilots continue to be predominantly male.