Easyjet to recruit 1,000 pilots over the next five years

posted on 31st January 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Easyjet to recruit 1,000 pilots over the next five years

By , cityam.com

Easyjet has announced it will recruit 1,000 pilots over the next five years, focusing on attracting more women.

The low-cost carrier, who is expecting bookings to go back to almost pre-Covid levels by the summer, said it wants to recruit more women to tackle the industry’s blatant gender disparity.

“We are delighted to be reopening our pilot training programme again for the first time since the pandemic hit and will see us recruit over 1,000 new pilots in the coming years,” Easyjet’s chief executive Johan Lundgren was reported as saying.

“EasyJet has long championed greater diversity in the flight deck and this series of ads aims to highlight the extraordinary breadth of skills our pilots have and show that pilots can be found in all walks of life, in a bid to attract more diverse candidates.

“We continue to focus on challenging gendered stereotypes of the career having doubled the number of female pilots flying with us in recent years.”

Lundgren made the headlines last week when he said testing requirements “will become a thing of the past.”

“The World Health Organisation has said that testing on travel is not an effective measure to combat the virus and that has been confirmed by more studies,” he told investors on Thursday after Easyjet reported £213m in losses in the three months ended 31 December.

“I think there is more of an understanding that testing doesn’t need to be re-introduced into travel because of the little effect it has in combating the virus.”