EgyptAir set to fly back to Qatar

posted on 14th January 2021 by Eddie Saunders


EgyptAir plans to operate a daily flight to the Qatari capital, Doha, after airspace was reopened between the two countries following the AlUla agreement that was concluded in Saudi Arabia last week.

The Chairman of EgyptAir Holding Company Rushdi Zakaria said that EgyptAir might add another daily flight to Qatar in the event of increased demand.

He said that the date for the operation of the flights will be announced once the necessary permits are completed between aviation authorities in the two countries.

He added that the flight schedule has been prepared, uploaded to operating systems, and is being marketed by EgyptAir.

Following the AlUla agreement, the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation decided to resume flights with Qatar, reopen its airspace to Qatari airlines.

The decision to close airspace had lasted nearly three and a half years.

Flights between Qatar and Saudi Arabia were resumed on Monday after the recent reconciliation between the Gulf parties. The UAE and Bahrain also announced the opening of their airspace to Qatari aviation.

The Egyptian Ministry of Aviation said that the first Qatari flights will arrive at Borg El Arab Airport next Thursday.

Sources confirmed that the airspace reopening is the first step in the path of restoring relations between the two nations.

A meeting is expected in the coming weeks between Qatari and Egyptian diplomatic and security officials.

Qatar will resume several economic projects in Cairo — after it obtained approvals for their completion — including the Deyaar company being given approval by the New Urban Communities Authority to complete the CityGate project.