El Al to buy 30 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft despite plane maker’s tumbling sales

El Al to buy 30 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft despite plane maker's tumbling sales
Boeing received only four aircraft orders in May (Image credit: Lukas Wunderlich/Adobe Stock)

El Al has entered negotiations with Boeing for an order of 30 B737 MAX aircraft despite the manufacturer’s second consecutive month of poor sales.

The order is reported to be worth between US$2bn and $2.5bn – and the first model is expected to arrive in 2027.

This week the Israeli flag carrier disclosed it was considering offers from both Airbus and Boeing in a filing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange for its 2024 first quarter results.

Following the two plane makers’ proposals, El Al announced it would enter exclusive discussions with Boeing and aircraft leasing companies.

With the new MAX 737 orders, it is understood the airline would gradually replace its B737-800 Next Generation fleet.

But El Al has warned the conclusion of negotiations could last up to several weeks.

The news comes after reports Boeing had another weak month of aircraft sales in May – the second month straight.

The manufacturer received only four orders for new aircraft last month – none were for the MAX 737 model, which has been subject to intense scrutiny following the door panel blowout of the Alaska Airlines plane in January.

Meanwhile Airbus reported net 15 orders – 27 sales despite 12 cancellations.

Boeing also saw Aerolineas Argentinas cancel an order for a single MAX jet, bringing its net sales for May down to three.

The plane maker only reported seven sales in April – none of them for the MAX.

Much of its MAX fleet was grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the aftermath of the Alaska Airlines incident.