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Embraer to invest $390 million and creating 900 direct jobs in Brazil

Embraer has announced its plan to hire 900 additional employees in 2024

Embraer has announced its plan to invest approximately USD$390 million and hire 900 additional employees in the current year.

The announcement was made during the visit of the President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to the company’s headquarters in São José dos Campos.

The objective is to meet increased aircraft production and anticipated future growth by developing new businesses, products and services.

The investment includes research and development activities for new technologies, such as those that will be used in eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles), the expansion of aeronautical services, including the conversion of passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft, defense and security, efficiency improvement projects, and the expansion of industrial activities.

Francisco Gomes Neto, President and CEO of Embraer said: “Embraer begins a new phase of growth based on efficiency and innovation.

“We are focused on capturing our full potential in the different segments in which we operate towards more sustainable aviation.

“And through partnerships with the public and private sector, we are expanding sales, opening new markets and investing in new technologies, which makes it possible to increase the export of high-value-added products and create thousands of highly qualified jobs in Brazil.”

Around 90% of hires will occur throughout the year for the operations sector, with positions for mechanics, electricians, millers, molders, aircraft maintenance technicians, and quality technicians with experience, as well as opportunities for production trainees who undergo training and qualification processes with internal mentors.

There are also opportunities for engineers and other administrative roles.