EPS 2: Cybersecurity | not if, but when | The Internet of Safety/Security

posted on 23rd March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
EPS 2: Cybersecurity | not if, but when | The Internet of Safety/Security

Chris Notter has been joined by Matthew Vaughan Director, Aviation Security & Cyber at International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Recent breaches of security – hacks still have a major impact on a regular business.
A dark world full of Bad actors, Dark web – things that the majority of us would associate with films and sci-fi novels. However, it is the here and now and the all too often practices of our modern world.

• Network Monitoring
• Hacking will happen – Crucial to understanding when it is happening!
o Data points that indicate when and how
• Background checks
• Following best protocol
• Open-minded IT departments – appreciating expert support
• Cyber hygiene
• Insider threat
• Ignorance and ego threat
• Real risk awareness and WCS- Worst Case Scenario

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