eSIM Go and Fraport Group to transform data roaming for 180m global travellers

Fraport Airport group to harness eSIM Go’s ‘Powered by Breeze’ solution to offer global travel eSIM service to millions of its passengers

eSIM Go today announced it is equipping Fraport Group to offer eSIM data plans throughout the world to passengers travelling from its 30 international airports around the world.

The move forms part of Fraport’s commitment to a more enhanced digital passenger experience that adds value while increasing sustainability.

With 2024 passenger traffic across the group forecast to exceed pre-pandemic levels to almost 185 million per year, Fraport’s new global travel eSIM proposition will represent both a substantial income stream and a platform for optimizing existing service and retail-based revenues.

Mitch Fordham, CRO and Co-Founder at eSIM Go, said: “Fraport boasts a century of aviation expertise and a steadfast commitment to excellence in all endeavours.

“We are excited to be joining forces and empowering their travellers with a high quality data roaming experience wherever their destination.

“The opportunity to enhance the travel experience for millions of customers is really exciting, giving them fast, convenient access to the data they’ll need when they arrive at their destinations – without any data roaming costs.

“More exciting still are the added commercial benefits Fraport will gain from staying connected with its passengers. We can’t wait for the service to launch later this quarter!”

Fraport’s global travel eSIM service will initially be marketed to passengers transiting Frankfurt Airport.

However, it also has the potential to be rolled out at other international Fraport AG group companies.

Jens Paul, Vice President Retail Digital at Fraport Group, said: “We’ve always worked hard to keep our passengers connected during their airport experience, and
this new digital service takes it to a whole new level – keeping them connected wherever they go in the world! Partnering with eSIM Go underscores our dedication to giving passengers the best experience.

“Offering reliable, high quality connectivity in over 190 countries, eSIM Go’s “Powered by Breeze” solution brings more than just a revenue stream, it enables us to enhance the passenger experience and gain valuable insights into individual preferences, allowing us to provide personalized support and services to our passengers.”